Wonder Pen — 3. A Stick

The Adventures of Neo
2 min readApr 19, 2022


Next morning, Darwin’s barking woke Jim up. He grunted and turned to another side. There are two things young men hate, single and the early morning.

“Who is that person? I did not even have chance to meet him…” his eyes closed, keeping a comfortable pose in the cosy bed, “And what the hell is the Enoch about, why Dr. K asked me to check… the Genesis?”

He is churning in the mind, While Darwin too.

Darwin is a standard Poodle picked by Jim in a street corner two years ago, since then, this apartment has two happy bachelors.

There was something dropped from the middle of nowhere onto the floor, made a clear sound in the quiet room and alarmed Darwin immediately.

A glittering blue light rolling over into under bed. A shimmering “stick”.

Darwin barks.

Jim sits up, pulled that fish-dead-like body half out of bed with a long yawn.

“Hey, what’s up Darwin?”

Darwin jumped onto him, Jim ditched, laughing by this unexpected startling.

When turned to hug it, he saw, Darwin’s mouth is glittering!

“Hey, what’s that?” Jim said to himself while Darwin jumped off from bed.

“What the hell is that? wait, wait ” Jim gestured to his Poodle, “Good boy, come over, give it to me!”

Darwin tilted head, looking at him while waging tail. Obviously it was turned on, when Jim made a dive for that stick, Darwin leaped onto the chair.

Both of them played the chasing game from bed to under bed, from bedroom to kitchen. Until Jim fell on a small rug, slipped with it towards the dinner table.

“Ouch! You baster Darwin!”

That was a good accident, the solid wooden dinner table hit right on his head, cracked out a few question marks and stars around Jim, now birds-in-chirping.

The glittery stick rolled to in front of him, Darwin escaped already.

A great curiosity drove away his pain on head, He picked up that stick, raised to his eyes, studying the soft blue light and beneath astoundingly.

And it is now “breathing” in Jim’s palm.

This is a 4 inches long metal-like stick, a little shabby, full of dust and twisted, narrowed from one end to another end, like crooked chopstick, weights around 8 ounces, and one side of the surface feels coarse.

Jim turned it over. On the body, engraved a line of wedge-shaped characters, he squints through the light, even though the edges of those characters look hazy in the slight gleam, they are still distinguishable.

“cunei — — form?” He muttered under his breath, ”no way!”

He grabbed his iPhone, tried his best to take a clear photo of those characters, strode to his computer, and air dropped it.

“Galaxie, can you read this photo?”

Waiting is always hard time for anxiety, does not matter it is 1 second or 1 minute. Finally, Galaxie, the AI equipped computer responses in screen:

“Wonder Pen”



The Adventures of Neo

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